Master Chunyi Lin, founder and creator SFQ

Spring Forest Qigong is:

  • a way to help others heal
  • for relief from pain, sickness, disease or injury
  • for relief from stress, anxiety, depression
  • for a balanced life
  • for abundant energy
  • for a more positive outlook
  • for a greater insight into life

Spring Forest Qigong (pronounced “chee gong”) is a simple, efficient, and effective method for helping you experience your optimal health, wellness, and happiness; helping you heal physical and emotional pain; and enhancing the quality of your life and the lives of others.

Understanding this Powerful Healing Technique

Spring Forest Qigong is based on the simple yet profound understanding that everything in the universe is energy. Many people think of energy in a very limited way. They think of energy as being electricity or the gasoline that powers their car. Electricity and gasoline are indeed forms of energy, but everything in the universe is also a form of energy.

Qigong began and it remains a science — the study of how the universe works at its most basic, energetic level. It all started more than 5,000 years ago when Chinese scholars, studying the workings of the universe, first discovered and established the Eastern scientific principle that everything is energy.

Albert Einstein

Fast forward a few millennia to the early 20th Century, when a brilliant young physicist named Albert Einstein came to the same conclusion. Einstein established the Western, scientific principle that everything in the universe is based on dynamic relationships of energy. Again, everything is energy. As Einstein also recognized, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but energy can be transformed.

Universal Energy

The ancient Chinese scholars called this universal energy qi (pronounced “chee”). In China, the study and practice of transforming the energy (qi) to live a life of optimum health, wellness, and happiness came to be called qigong. (Qigong has many other facets as well, but it is the healing aspect we are focused on.)

A Disciplined Practice

For thousands of years the practice of qigong was a closely-guarded secret revealed only to a chosen few. Even today, traditional qigong techniques can be very difficult to learn, requiring years of rigid, disciplined practice to develop proficiency. Traditional qigong masters still withhold the most powerful qigong techniques from all but a select few.

Qigong for 21st Century

After years of dedicated study with some of the finest qigong masters in his native China, Qigong Master Chunyi Lin has taken away the mystery, rigid discipline, and difficulty. In Spring Forest Qigong he has created a technique that is so simple anyone can learn it, yet it is very, very powerful. Spring Forest Qigong is a revolutionary approach to the ancient Chinese teachings, revised and enhanced for the 21st Century.

A certified, international qigong master, Chunyi Lin broke from ancient traditions because of his strong conviction that “Qigong is such a powerful tool for healing, the whole world needs to know about it and benefit from it.” Indeed, qigong has been called the most powerful healing technique the world has ever known.

A Born Healer

With a master’s degree in holistic healing, Chunyi Lin is a certified International Qigong Master and the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. He has taught his techniques to more than 120,000 people through his classes or home-learning courses. He is also Director of the Spring Forest Center in Eden Prairie, MN, where he provides healing assistance to more than 13,000 people from all over the world each year. He is a frequent keynote speaker at medical conferences and is the coauthor of a #1 Amazon.com best-selling book, Born A Healer. Chunyi is also a member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council.  Learn more at www.SpringForestQigong.com

Master Lin has devoted his life to sharing his message of hope, healing and happiness with the world to. He lives what he teaches with his heart that is filled with joy and unconditional love for each and every one of us, each and every day. His vision is “a healer in every family and a world without pain and suffering”.


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