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Master Chunyi Lin presents Heart Sutra in Europe for the 1st Time !



Are You Ready To Discover Your Healing Intelligence?  

Never before has Master Chunyi Lin shared his personal translation of the Heart Sutra and it’s deepest meaning line by line outside of the US. What you are about to learn will transform your life.

The Heart intelligence is the marriage between the potential of our minds and the power of our feelings, the union between thought and emotion, between reasoning and feeling, the integration of the two modes through which we make decisions and perceive reality – our thoughts and our emotions. It’s the new bandwidth of intelligence that’s coming into the world today. The best science of today demonstrates what our most cherished spiritual traditions have told us thousands of years ago – listen to the wisdom of your heart. Focus on what your heart is telling you with each moment because it integrates both the advanced, reasoning capabilities of your mind and your emotional intelligence in the process.

What is the Heart Sutra?

It’s considered the summation of the wisdom of Buddha.  It is the most highly regarded sutra for those who are in search of deep personal liberation.
Buddha did not explain in great detail how all of these things can happen at the same time. He did not have to do so. You see, all the techniques and messages are already included in it, once you discover how to look.
After more then two decades of studying the Heart Sutra, Master Chunyi Lin has discovered the keys to unlocking the power of your infinite wisdom.   By the way, the Heart Sutra wisdom and techniques are provided for healing your physical body, your emotions and healing your spirit are applicable for everyone.

“How Opening Your Heart More Completely Connect You More Deeply With Your Infinite Wisdom In Purpose”
Master Lin’s goal is for you to leave the seminar with the full confidence how to utilize the infinite wisdom of the Heart Sutra to help you live a healthier-, a happier- and a more enlightened life each day.  And know that you can implement everything immediately in your life.

You’ll discover how the “Five Elements,” the “Seven Dimensions of Healing, and the “Heart Sutra” come together for a the perfect healing experience.

Here is what you will explore with Master Lin:

    •    Wisdom of gaining joy by giving up suffering
•    Transformation in the light
•    How to liberate yourself
•    Using the seven dimensions of healing to be free from physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering
•    Using the conscious mind and subconscious mind for healing
•    Life without concerns and worries
•    Following the wisdom of the heart
•    Everything holds the signature and all the information of the Divine / Universe
•    Irrational thinking and dreaming
•    Your soul’s will
•    Your God’s will
•    Wisdom to fulfill your life’s goal
•    Enlighten your physical body
•    Enlighten your emotions
•    Enlighten your spirit
•    Enlighten yourself in your daily life activities
•    Energy channels for healing
•    Choose your emotions
•    The most powerful healing energy in the world
•    Forgive yourself; forgive others
•    Heal yourself in love with light
•    The power of chanting
•    Enlighten yourself more through helping others to heal

NO Prior Qigong experience necessary!
That is right! Look, Master Lin’s vision is that everybody is born a healer.  The heart sutra wisdom can accelerate your journey to enlightenment. In the deep, deep, deep stillness, beyond words and thoughts is where the perfect healing can take place.

If you are ready to discover your true heart – mind connection, we invite you to join Master Chunyi Lin and become immersed in the advanced healing energy during the 2 days Heart Sutra class, October 31 through November 1. 


What are the dates of the “Heart Sutra Event”?
Saturday October 31st and November 1st, 2015

What are the hours of the “Heart Sutra Event”?
From 9:00 to 17:00

Will lunch be provided for at the “Heart Sutra Event”?
Lunch will be provided. If you have special diet requirements you should indicate this during registration. This way we can instruct the hotel.

What is the venue for the “Heart Sutra Event”?

The event will be hosted at the Hotel, Volendam in Katwoude and they will be offering a discounted rate to our attendees.

The hotel is location:
Hotel Volendam
Wagenweg 1
1145 PW Katwoude
+31 299 36
56 56

Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, “The Heart Sutra” class or meditation evening is for you, your family, loved ones and or friends!

Can I Get A Refund If I Can’t Attend?
A full refund is available if cancellation is confirmed by phone to Total into Well-being client service before 17:00 p.m. 7 business days prior to the start of the events. For the Heart Sutra a €39 cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation made after 5:00 p.m. 7 business days prior to the start of the events.

Do I get a guild membership discount?
There is no guild discount applicable, Guild discounts do not apply to special pricing.

What other classes are available around this time?
Great Question!  Heart Sutra Explained and Power Of The Heart lecture by Master Lin ~ 1st Certification program Europe with Masters Jaci Gran and Marcelle Visser ~ Master Healer   ~ Instructor Level 1/ Practice Group Leader ~ Instructor Level 2.

P.S. Did you know there is a Level 3 is being held in the Netherlands following the Heart Sutra and Master Lin is likely not teachinging one in 2016 in Europe.
P.S.S. We have a very special Power of the Heart lecture and celebration planned on the evening of October 30th with Master Lin. He does not even know the suprise we have in store for him!

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